Obstacles can often pull us apart, but they can also be the force that binds us.


This is the framework behind ‘Take Your Time,’ a raw and powerful performance art piece originally created as a music video for 'Lender.' Using time and motion as a vehicle, the film attempts to examine how navigating spaces & obstacles together can strengthen any partnership.

The result was one long single take, filmed in reverse, where dance and camera were choreographed together, giving the film a hauntingly dreamlike aesthetic when played forward in real time.

Take Your Time was directed by Max Sachar, a feature film animation manager at Pixar, and Natasha Adorlee Johnson, a dancer with ODC/Dance and Artistic Director of Concept o4 in San Francisco.  

Lender is a Bay Area based indie-rock band, and their original song  'Take Your Time' is a single from their 2016 release, 'Dad Rock for Moms.'



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October 14

Jacob Burns Film Center

Pleasantville, NY

September 29

Piovra Dance Festival

Madrid, Spain

June 9

Brooklyn Film Festival

Brooklyn, NY

June 3

Brooklyn Film Festival

Brooklyn, NY

May 2

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Philadelphia, PA


October 25

The Valley Film Festival

Hollywood, CA

October 19

San Francisco Dance Film Festival

San Francisco, CA

October 12th

Mill Valley Film Festival

Mill Valley, CA

October 11th

Mill Valley Film Festival

San Rafael, CA

September 25

40 North Dance Film Festival

San Diego, CA

September 21

Kinsale Shark Awards

Kinsale, Ireland

September 16

Williamsburg Int. Film Festival

New York, NY

September 12

Austin Music Video Festival

Austin, TX




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